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In July 2013 we -a group of companies and padel enthusiasts- got together to build the first indoor padel courts in The Hague.

We think that there is a lot of people who share the same passion for padel, but before we build the courts, we would like to know how many of you out there would like to play padel in The Hague.

Would you also like to play padel indoor in The Hague?

Great, then please fill in the form below. When we reach a minimum of one hundred people who fill in the form, we will build three amazing indoor padel courts in the center of The Hague. We promise to keep you informed about the progress.

Would you like to play padel in The Hague very soon?

Yes! Then help us spread the word. The sooner we gather one hundred people who want to play padel in The Hague, the sooner we will build the courts. Share this page with your friends in Facebook, tell your communities if you are an expat and spread the good news! Invite them to fill in this form -below-.   Padel is coming to The Hague!

UPDATE 1-Oct-2013: it seems the courts will be built in January 2014 !
UPDATE 1-Dec-2013: the indoor space that was made available to us, is not available anymore. We are looking for another space…

UPDATE 13-Dec-2013: we found another possible location near the center of Delft! yes!

UPDATE: Yes, this is the location. It is about 800 meters away from Delft University and Train Station Delft Zuid. If all goes well, we will open in May!

Fill in the form to help us make it happen and receive news!

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